Your Environmentally Friendly Electrician in Manawatu

Our enviromental promise

Our promise to the people of Manawatu and the surrounding areas is that we will work to provide a great quality service while protecting the environment. Our electrical products will remain of the highest quality but our processes and products will be geared towards a cleaner New Zealand.

Our environmental promise includes:
  • We recycle 98% of waste products and packaging from our air conditioning and electrical installations. 
  • We offer the most energy-efficient heat pump available on the market to install for our clients, and we show clients how to use their new heat pumps in the most energy-efficient way. 
  • We always use ozone-friendly refrigerants for our air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  • We continually evaluate our business practices and the products we use to find new ways to reduce our environmental impact.
At APB Electrical, our entire team is committed to the environment in Manawatu and around New Zealand.
We love our beautiful country and we do our best to protect it.

We are immensely conscious of our environment, and we go to great lengths to minimise our environmental impact, while offering the highest-quality electrical products and services.

Check out our environmentally friendly services or call us on
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