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Why ventilate?

Firstly a few words on why we ventilate homes in Manawatu and around New Zealand.

It is important to keep your home adequately ventilated to maintain air quality and remove moisture for a healthy indoor environment. Improved insulation & double glazing is designed to make your home easier to heat, however this improved air tightness means good ventilation is often not achieved.
With NZ’s temperate climate, a lack of ventilation can cause damp and cold in the fabric of the home itself – exposing occupants to unhealthy air conditions.

The average NZ household produces around 100 litres per week* of moisture in the home from everyday activities such as cooking, showers and breathing.
That’s normal and can be managed by having the right balance of insulation, heating and ventilation. If this moisture is not reduced it can be damaging to your home and have adverse effects on the health of your family.

Condensation, moisture and mould are all too common in NZ homes. About 30% of our homes suffer from problems associated with moisture internally which is one of the reasons we have one of the highest rates of asthma and other respiratory illnesses in the world.

*source – EECA (Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority)

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Different ways to ventilate

There are a range of different ventilation options for your home or workplace in Manawatu and the best option for you will depend on your needs and preferences.

These options are:
  • Passive Ventilation – This is achieved by simply opening windows or doors to allow ventilation of the home. While this has some beneficial effects, there are obviously significant limitations such as sufficient air movement throughout the home, weather conditions, home security and the quality of air entering the home i.e. Pollens, traffic fumes etc.

  • Extraction Ventilation - Uses fans to extract air from living spaces to the outside of the home e.g. a ducted bathroom exhaust fan to get rid of moisture. This type of ventilation is crucial and should be a priority for good ventilation.

  • Home Ventilation Systems – These will complement extraction ventilation by further reducing moisture in the home. Introducing fresher, drier air from outside or from the roof space into the home has a number of benefits including reducing condensation and removing dust, pollens and mould spores. Home ventilation technology can also include heat recovery or combine with ducted heat pumps for the ultimate solution in home ventilation and heating.
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