Save on your Power Bill and Power your Home with Solar Panels

A brighter way to power your home or business call APB Electrical Ltd we can supply and install solar panels. Save on your power bill and power your home with Solar Panels from APB Electrical Ltd.

Did you know it doesn’t have to be sunny to generate power from Solar Panels? Solar Panels work all year round.

Advantages of Solar Power

Solar technology is sustainable source of energy that is freely available to all. By installing solar panels, you immediately gain access to the many advantages of solar energy:
  • Solar Energy is a renewable Energy Source. It is available every day. Energy from the sun is free
  • Reduces Electricity Bills
  • Avoid Electricity price rises
  • When installed correctly, a solar energy system has very low maintenance costs
  • A Solar system added to your home is an investment – can increase the value of your home to potential buyers who see the benefit of Solar PV Panels
Roof top solar panels

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panels can be installed on the roof of your house or garage. The solar panels gather light from the sun and the energy is converted to electricity for domestic use. Any generated electricity that is not used, is transferred back to the grid, or is stored in standalone batteries, depending is the solar system is connected to the grid or not.  

Although the efficiency of solar panels increases in areas with constant sun exposure, they can also be used in other areas with less sunlight. Solar energy is free, so using it to meet all of your electricity needs is a good way to reduce your bills and save up some money.
Roof top solar panel installation

Call Us!

At APB Electrical we are available to quote for Solar Panels for your Home (new builds or existing), farm sheds, schools, or community halls. It may be cheaper than you think and will save you money in the long term. Finance is available and free quotes just call APB Electrical Ltd on 0800 272 363

ABP Electrical offer great advice on solar panels and solar panel installation. You can ask us to assist in deciding the size and type of solar system you need to install for your home or business.

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